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Manage Your Progressive Action Group


A real-time communications platform providing instant contact with all your members and followers.

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Ignite members, inspire collaboration, and manage your group's events and actions all on one platform.  

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Social Media Platform

Connect members, increase public engagement, and build your social media content. 

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Analytics of Engagement

Show the impact of your initiatives to your members, your members of Congress, and to the media.

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Decentralized Collaboration

Shared Events

Events created on Saybubble can be easily joined and then duplicated across an unlimited number of users and organizations. As an event spreads across a community, a state, or the nation, the platform recognizes the organic collaboration and links the analytics together. Overall impact can now be tracked!

Shared Actions

Collaborate with other groups on your, or their, actions to increase impact. Like events, actions can be easily duplicated across an unlimited number of users and organizations. Leaders can keep members engaged by providing shared identity with fellow progressive groups while simultaneously building the impact of shared initiatives


Indivisible One:
All things Indivisible on the Saybubble Platform

Indivisible One is the central location for curated actions, events, and information from Indivisible organizations on the Saybubble platform, as well as information publicly available from Indivisible National,

The Indivisible One items can be adopted, in part or in total, and presented to members of the groups using Saybubble. This allows group leaders to leverage the passion, actions, and initiatives of others to create impact in their own communities.

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Our Origin: From South Africa, to Standing Rock, to You!

On a clear blue Sunday, while circling the Standing Rock camp’s perimeter standing hand-in- hand in peaceful protest against the pending completion of the Dakota Access Pipeline with thousands of First Americans, volunteers, activist, and military vets, was the team’s defining moment. The technology that had taken three years to build, was the exact foundation needed for the change-makers of the world to better organize and power their missions.

Back in San Francisco, and in collaboration with progressive grass roots movements, the initial launch toolsets for Saybubble were developed and the most robust platform for communities of action was born.

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Beta Partners

Saybubble is working with progressive groups to help develop the application!

We are finalizing the development of the initial feature set by working with partners. By soliciting their feedback, making final adjustments, and creating a pipeline of future tools, we’re getting the application “just right.” Once this development phase is complete, we will release Saybubble to a wide audience.

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