How do I access my profile page?

Your profile page is accessed by pulling down on the top navigation bar on the main news feed. You can return to the main news feed by pushing that navigation bar back to the top of the screen.

How do I change or add a profile picture?

By selecting the profile picture a menu will pop up asking if you would like to “upload a photo” which will give you a selection of options.

How do I change my password?

Link to settings is located on your profile page to the left of your profile name. Click on the bolt icon, which will take you to the settings page. Click on “Password” which will direct you to reset your password.

How do I post to the map?

Posting to the map is automatic as all posts come with a location marker. However, you can easily change the location of any post. When you are in the posting screen click the location field and enter your desired location.

How do I publish my Saybubble posts to my other social media accounts?

You can currently directly share to Twitter and Facebook from the share icon on the post.

How do I make my posts private?

Currently, you can only publish posts to just your “My Friends” list or to the “Public” feed.

Who can see my posts?

Anything posted to the public feed is just that, public. This means that anyone on the platform has the ability to see your posts. If you select the My Friends option when posting this will restrict post viewership to only your friends.

How do I switch between the public feed and my friend feed?

On the main newsfeed directly under the navigation bar you will see a drop down menu titled “All Stories”. By selecting this drop down list a screen will pop up that lets you move between these two groups.

How do I activate nearfieldfriending?

On your profile page you will see an icon at the bottom left of your cover photo. Click on the icon and you will automatically be taken to a screen that will let you know if anyone nearby is also on Saybubble and actively engaged in nearfieldfriending.