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Saybubble’s global forum sets itself apart from existing platforms by allowing users, organizations, and decision makers to open a map and zero in on any location, on any topic, or on any event in the world. For the first-time users can experience a full immersion in their interests or get a bird’s-eye-view of a subject across the globe. This intelligent, curated, and localized information allows the public to more effectively connect with the issues and events they care most about in their community, their city, their country and their world.

Users contribute to this global forum by sharing what ignites them – social causes, breaking local or national news, domestic and global stories, as well as their interests, and inspirations –  to their public or private newsfeed and map.

Users can enjoy

  • Chronology: All contributions to the platform stay in chorological order so users and organizations can properly tell a story and its evolution, impact, and breaking news.
  • Search: In depth search features allow for true discoverability of content by entering a term in either the public stories or hashtag fields.
  • Geography – By clicking the city listed on a post you’re able to zoom into that specific location and see what other people in that area are saying about an issue. Users can also follow cities that are hotspots for social issues.
  • Bubblecam Dual Recording: This feature allows users to switch between the selfie and rear-facing camera in the same recording, while allowing the user to add video effects in selfie mode that change their environment. Saybubble will automatically stitch together the front and rear recordings into a cohesive video.
  • Filters: Like when using the Bubblecam you can add specialty filters, banners and stickers to your images.
  • Heatmap: For the first time, Saybubble’s heatmap shows users in real time what is happening around them. A visual hotspot on the map will appear where stories and trending events are popping up and users are able to see both friend and community posts on the map.
  • Bubblegame Level Up: Saybubble gives users XPs (experience points) based on Saybubble usage. The more XPs a user has, the more credible and visible they are on the map.
  • Bubblechat: Saybubble includes an easy chat feature, which allows users to write secure messages to friends, groups, or to the public if they choose. They can post media directly to the map from the chat.
  • Media Rich: Saybubble users are only allowed to post to Saybubble’s newsfeed if they attach a photo or video. Users are able to see and experience the world through rich media as a result.
  • Facebook backup: Saybubble, with your authorization, can seamlessly back up your full Facebook history - pictures, videos, comments, and likes - into our secure platform. The story of your life will be turned into organized, searchable, and mapped content that you can easily download to your desktop.
  • Near Friend Fielding: By activating near friend fielding on your profile you can quickly select the people at your dinner table, in the restaurant, or at an event. It allows you to efficiently grow your friend or follower list and build your community.

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