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Why did Santa Cruz Indivisible partner with Saybubble? Because nonprofits, social movements, grassroots organizations, and individuals can now leave their technology needs to Saybubble and get busy with the missions at hand. We make this possible by:

  • Streamlining your Community Communications
  • Actioning your Community & Measuring those Results
  • Organizing your Community into Action Groups (coming soon!)
  • Providing your Community a Social Media Platform
  • Measuring your Community Impact
  • Displaying your Community Efforts Across a Map
  • Building your Community in Size and Strength


  • Automatically populate actions in Saybubble with
  • Quickly notify your members of upcoming actions with push notifications (geo targeted notifications – coming soon)
  • Easily track the actions taken by members with our recoded keeping tools


  • Organize your members into action groups
  • Strengthen your community by supporting groups of action takers
  • Motivate your action groups through friendly competitions that drive progress


Saybubble is built on a live map of the world that everyone can contribute to – this allows your organization to:

  • Display your actions and activities across the community map
  • Break the echo chamber created by the limitations of your friend/follower networks
  • Gain new members from users that discover your organizations content on the public map
  • Effectively connect your members to the issues and events they care most about in the community
  • Easily Share your contributions to your Facebook and Twitter Accounts


  • Measure the impact of your organization’s actions and events by the number of interactions
  • Display the impact of your organization’s actions and events across a map of your area or nationally