Saybubble beta release party

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Saybubble beta release party

SAN FRANCISCO – Nov, 13, 2016 – Last Night, Saybubble hosted a beta release party for 300 students from the University of San Francisco and San Francisco State University at the San Francisco Foundry in the SOMA District. Guests were given early access to the platform, live demonstrations, and an opportunity to meet company founders. Highlights of the evening included a special guest appearance of local live Llamas and a spontaneous “mannequin challenge” of 200 plus people.

Students experienced Saybubble’s proprietary technology and special features which make it the new gold standard in elevated social interaction. These features include:

  • Bubble Cam Dual Recording: This feature allows users to switch between the selfie and rear-facing camera in the same recording, while allowing the user to add video effects in selfie mode that change their environment. Saybubble will automatically stitch together the front and rear recordings into a cohesive video.
  • Heatmap: Saybubble’sheatmap shows users in real time what is happening around them and in the world for the first time, giving users a visual hotspot on the map where stories and trending events are popping up. Users are able to see both friend and community posts on the map.
  • Bubblegame Level Up: Saybubble gives users XPs (experience points) based on Saybubble usage. The more XPs a user has, the more credible and visible they are on the map.
  • Bubblechat: Saybubble includes an easy chat feature, which allows users to write secure messages to friends, groups or to the public if they choose. They can post media directly to the map from the chat.
  • Media Rich: Saybubble users are only allowed to post to Saybubble’s newsfeed if they attach a photo or video. Users are able to see and experience the world through rich media as a result.

“It’s exciting to see the Students overwhelming response to the platform” said founder Jerome Naidoo. “We’ve been workshopping Saybubble with students at these universities for over a year and to see their reaction to the near final product is a clear sign of how Saybubble will impact social communications around the world.”

The platform goes live on Wednesday, November 16th in the iTunes and Google app stores.

About Saybubble

Based in San Francisco, Saybubble is a privately held company that is creating a new vertical market in user-generated and curated content. Its breakthrough technology platform of AI applied across a global interactive heat map is designed to create a whole new level of community and conversation. The platform gives users the intelligent and localized information they need to more effectively connect with their community, their city, their country and their world. Users contribute to the conversation by sharing local happenings as well as their interests, inspirations, stories, photos and videos to their public or private newsfeed and map. Unique tools from Saybubble, such as the Bubblecam and in-app chat, enable users to interact and tell stories in new ways, as well as to protect and preserve their online memories. Please visit to learn more or download the platform. It is also available in the iTunes and Google app stores.


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